STEM Sales Travel Expense Monitoring

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STEM is an integrated field staff productivity solution that lets management monitor and track their field staff on the field.

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Track and monitor field staff in real time on the field
Process TA/DA based on distance travelled
Monitor time spent with customers
See overview of all employees on the map
And more…


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Companies can monitor their employees whereabouts any time of the day . Either individually or all employees


Employees can submit their conveyance claims directly form the field for both local and outstation. The data is immediately visible for viewing and approval.

Leave Management

Employees can submit their leave requests directly from the field which will be immediately available for viewing and approval by HR or manager.

Customer Mapping

Map your customer locations. This lets companies verify the time spent at customer locations by their employees and also lets the company have a record of all their customer locations.

Company specific reports

Have employees upload company specific reports with photographic attachments


Employees can submit New sales and collection data directly from the field. The dispatch details of orders placed by the employee can also be viewed


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Get the up to date information about the location of your employees even when no network is available.*

No upgrade cost

All upgrades are free with no additional costs


Quick support for any issues encountered


All important data is displayed on the dashboard for easy viewing

Simple and clean UI

The User Interface has be deigned to be simple and easy to use

Cost/time saving

All data is automatically and immediately submitted saving time and cost on phone calls/mail between company and field staff. This time/cost saving can be used to better optimise the field staff schedule.

Advantages for Employees

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icon image No need to constantly update office with regards to location, customers, sales, etc
icon image All data submitted is immediately viewable by managers
icon image All requests such as leave and conveyance with proof can be submitted from the field. No more cumbersome process sending claims by mail or post.
icon image Status for leave request is notified on the phone, not requiring to check for status change.
icon image Get dispatch status of orders placed

Advantages for Organisation

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icon image Employee status is constantly updated. No need for follow-ups
icon image Know when and how much time has been spent with customers
icon image Know and view the location of all customers
icon image Process conveyance and leave requests online
icon image Get live sales and collection data without need to follow-up
icon image Reduction of time and money spent in following up with employees
icon image Return on investment in a short time
icon image Know employees location in case of any issue
icon image Improve employee performance and accountability
icon image View all data on mobile#
icon image Approve/reject leave and sales through mobile#